School Reports

Your school report

Access to the various sources of data recording a school’s performance and available to the public.

My local school
A website providing school performance data for parents, pupils and governors.
My Local School

Estyn reports
Estyn school inspection reports.
Estyn report search

Ofsted reports
Ofsted inspection reports for schools in England can be viewed at Ofsted report search

Ofsted’s Find a School Data dashboard
Provides a snapshot of school performance at Key Stages 1, 2 and 4. Can be used by school governors and the public to check the performance of a school.
Find a School Data dashboard

School Categorisation System
The National School Categorisation System has now replaced secondary school banding.
School Categorisation

Lead and Emerging Practitioner Schools
The Welsh Government, in partnership with the four regional consortia in Wales, is establishing an effective national school to school improvement strategy to raise standards. This will be achieved by matching Lead Practitioner Schools with Emerging Practitioner Schools.
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