Image + images

Image and Images

There is an unlimited source of visual material in every school to help promote its image to the market place. This material can also help to create inspirational environments within school spaces that reflect individual and team acheivements of its pupils.

Extra curricula activities such as sport, music, drama, arts and community projects generate volumes of media rich content on a regular basis. A media library of photographs, images, videos and audio can be easily assembled for use in a school’s communication channels. Indeed the process of producing, managing and using this media provides a very valuable range of additional skills.

It is clearly evident that an innovative learning environment is a key factor in helping to encourage pupils to participate in the ‘community’ aspects of school life. It is certainly receiving higher priority during school inspection visitors.

Basic screen layout showing panels for videos or slideshows, information and ticker tape style messaging. Single or multi panel layout is possible with each panel’s content changing according to a scheduled loop and real time updates.

Internal graphic displays are becoming an integral part of promoting a school’s brand together with the prospectus and websites to create the right impression both within and beyond the school walls. These include large flat screen displays in the reception area, corridors and halls, to display announcements, school news and websites etc. There are also possible income streams through discreet sponsorship and advertising with suitable organisations.

Schools generate sources of media rich content every day. Individual and team achievements in sports, drama, music, arts and the community can be highlighted to help celebrate and encourage participation by pupils and staff and to project a very effective ‘brand’ image to visitors, parents and the school inspectorate.

This workshop explores the opportunities for transforming empty wall spaces into inspirational displays.