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Still at School aims to provide information and innovative ideas for those involved in marketing their school or educational establishment. The speed at which technology advances together with increasing demands and aspirations of parents and pupils require flexible and responsive marketing strategies to keep up with the threats and opportunities they bring to schools.

The squeeze on traditional budget sources also require more innovative and commercial orientated solutions to help generate additional income streams to supplement these. For example income from selective affiliate advertising with established brands.

As the school sector becomes increasingly more competitive and under greater scrutiny from the educational establishment, the importance of establishing clear and effective communication strategies for pupils, parents and politicians and the public cannot be over emphasised.

To adequately respond to these ‘challenges’ requires new skills and understanding of developing practices and technology by those responsible for staying top of the class. Acceptance and use of social media by all age groups makes an understanding of its potential impact on decision making essential. Still at School offers continual updates on best marketing practice and communication technology to assist in developing and implementing strategies that will maximise awareness of a school’s achievements and ambitions, within and beyond the classroom.

In addition to providing a source of information and ideas for schools to share, we can offer more specific advice if required, including a series of customised ‘at school’ workshops.

An introduction to marketing
Promoting your school
Fundraising and supplier sponsorship
Inspirational learning environments

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