Digital Signage Systems

Getting the Message

When considering the broader role of School Inspectors in England and Wales, especially their observations regarding the school’s learning environment, ethos and internal communication channels, it is certainly a challenge (see quotes below).

Not only must the school get the right messages, to the right audience at the right time, but in a manner which helps create an environment and atmosphere of participation and encouragement for pupils and staff. Achievements and objectives are expected to be broadcast in a manner and style more akin to an interior design brief in helping to create innovative, exciting and inspirational spaces.

Still at School offers advice and guidance on creating a dynamic learning environment using existing resources wherever possible. See Image + images.

Quotes from school inspector guidelines

…promote the improvement of individual schools

…report on the achievement of pupils at the school

…communicate their vision for the school well and explore how to achieve it

…model and promote behaviours and values that contribute positively to creating a school ethos where pupils and staff feel valued